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The Coaches Bundle is the ultimate bundle that coaches need to be legally protected, to limit their liability and to protect their clients. 

As a coach, you most likely interact with your clients on a one-on-one basis more so than other entrepreneurs. Your job description is literally coaching people, to put them on the best path, to give them ideas, strategies, and help them realize their potential. 

In this type of setting and atmosphere, the risk that something will go wrong is big. Even if it wasn't about "something going wrong," in a coaching environment your clients might have certain expectations as far as results or money are concerned. 

Having this bundle will allow you to set your clients on the right path, to clearly and simply state your coaching rules and regulations in writing, and protect you from a potential "she said, he said" situation. 

This bundle is the most cost-efficient bundle you'll find that includes so many necessary and highly recommended contracts and policies. 

Hurry and get your Coaches Bundle for this one-time low price. 

This Bundle is the ultimate bundle for coaches out there. It includes several must-have and should-have contracts and policies to protect your coaching business and your clients. 

The Bundle includes:

  • Coaching Client Agreement Template
  • GDPR compliant Privacy Policy Template
  • Terms and Conditions Policy Template
  • Independent Contractor Agreement Policy Template
  • Disclaimer Policy Template
  • Collaboration Agreement Template
  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Template

This part's so easy and I am super excited about that!

So after you pay for the templates and check out, you're gonna have a download link to the products on that very page. Go ahead and click on those links and start downloading your products to your computer. 

It will open in a .docx format. You can save it to your computer, and start making edits to it by customizing it. The customization process is simple and fast. You will find instructions for what to write in brackets, either highlighted or in a different color from the rest of the text. 

Trust me, you won't have any issues with this part. 

Once you customized the template to your liking, the contract is now ready to be used. Depending on what kind of policy or contract you got, you either might have to upload it to your website, or just hold on to it so that you and another party sign it for your intended transaction.