Freelancer Contracts Bundle

Freelancer Contracts Bundle

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The Freelancer Contracts Bundle is a perfect bundle of contract templates for freelancers and independent contractors. This one bundle includes several must-have templates that will serve you well in your business. 

As freelancers and independent contractors, you are in a unique position because you're not employees. You must protect yourself and your business (whether it's providing goods or services doesn't matter) as much as possible. 

When getting a new client, make sure that you discuss everything upfront, specify the tasks that are expected of you, and the obligations of the other party as well. Discuss important details such as payments, amount, the how, the when, and the method. 

Protect your trade secrets, your methods that you make you successful. Take care of your intellectual property with this bundle. 

The bundle is valued at $295, so when you get the bundle, you save $100, and can get it for only $195. 

When you have all the necessary contracts in place, you'll discover that business relationships proceed a lot smoother and drama free than they would without. 

The Freelancer Contracts Bundle, which will work perfectly for freelancers and independent contractors, includes several important contract templates that make this bundle a steal. 

All the documents come in .docx format that you can easily edit and customize.

Here is what you can find included in the bundle:

  • Freelancer Legal Agreement Template
  • Letter of Agreement for Freelancers (for those clients who are scared of official "contract looking" contracts)
  • Independent Contractor Agreement Template
  • Collaboration Agreement Template

This part's so easy and I am super excited about that!

So after you pay for the templates and check out, you're gonna have a download link to the products on that very page. Go ahead and click on those links and start downloading your products to your computer. 

It will open in a .docx format. You can save it to your computer, and start making edits to it by customizing it. The customization process is simple and fast. You will find instructions for what to write in brackets, either highlighted or in a different color from the rest of the text. 

Trust me, you won't have any issues with this part. 

Once you customized the template to your liking, the contract is now ready to be used. Depending on what kind of policy or contract you got, you either might have to upload it to your website, or just hold on to it so that you and another party sign it for your intended transaction.